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Updated: 06:55 EDT

New York City has been hit flash flooding amid torrential rain and lightning as Hurricane Henri barrels towards the North East, with millions braced for flooding, toppled trees and extended power outages. The storm kept on course early Sunday and is expected to crash into a long stretch of northeastern coastline on New York′s Long Island and in southern New England. With the center of the storm projected to pass over or just off the eastern tip of Long Island by midday, hurricane warnings extended from coastal Connecticut and near the old whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, to across the luxurious oceanfront estates of New York′s Hamptons, to the summer getaway of Fire Island. Some 55 million people are under storm warnings ahead of the arrival of the hurricane, and the National Hurricane Center warned that winds that could reach 80 mph. Tropical storm-intensity winds were expected to begin striking the coast at around 8am.??The first thunderstorms bringing what could be up to half a foot of rain arrived late Saturday, and flooding began in some areas overnight. Several videos posted online showed drivers plowing through high water in New York City, and Newark and Hoboken, New Jersey. States of emergency have already been declared in areas of New York state and Connecticut. People in the projected path spent Saturday scrambling to stock up on groceries and gasoline. Some gas stations from Cape Cod to Long Island sold out of fuel. Those close to the coast boarded up windows and, in some cases, evacuated. Officials in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York cautioned that people could lose power for days. Authorities advised people to secure their boats, fuel up their vehicles and stock up on canned goods.

'It's the greatest military defeat of all time': Trump rages at Biden over chaotic? Afghanistan exit at rally and calls it a 'total surrender' that 'would never have happened if I was president'?

Donald Trump?blasted Joe Biden?on Saturday over the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and accused him of giving the U.S. military away to the Taliban as he appeared at a rally for thousands of supporters in Cullman, Alabama. 'This will go down as one of the greatest military defeats of all time,' Trump said. Trump called the situation in Afghanistan a humiliation, claiming it's not a withdrawal but rather 'a total surrender'.

An Afghan family said they had seen more than 15 people including children shot dead, night-time crowd surges outside the airport gates and people killed in the stampede outside Kabul airport.

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Former President Bill Clinton was seen jovially arriving to seemingly participate in the 73rd East Hampton Artists & Writers Annual Softball Game on Saturday.

Mr Blair, who was in Downing Street when London sent British troops into Afghanistan - said Britain has a 'moral obligation' to remain there until 'all those who need to be are evacuated'.

Tens of thousands of people are waiting to be airlifted out of Afghanistan, but the U.S. Embassy told Americans on Saturday not to go to Kabul airport because of 'security threats.'

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline are hospitalized with COVID

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, 79, and his wife, Jacqueline, 77, (together right) have been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19, according to a statement Saturday. Jesse Jackson, a famed civil rights leader, is vaccinated against the virus and received his first Pfizer dose in January during a publicized event (left) as he urged others to vaccinate as soon as possible.?Jacqueline Jackson, a largely private figure, has not spoken publicly about her vaccination status. The two are being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago (inset).

The University of Waterloo found that The blue, cloth surgical masks that have become popular during the pandemic were only 10% effective as it doe not cover the face properly, unlike N95 masks.

Two residents of New York City's exclusive Gramercy Park neighborhood are in a bitter feud over strict rules, including no photography, in Manhattan's only private park.

Pentagon hints US troops might begin operations OUTSIDE Kabul airport

The US Embassy in Kabul on Saturday issued an alert warning citizens not to attempt to reach the airport on their own, where four were killed in a crushing stampede (left). It came as Taliban leader?Abdul Ghani Baradar (inset) arrived in Kabul and fears grew of Islamic State cells operating freely in the country. A senior US official said said that small groups of Americans and possibly other civilians will now be given specific instructions on what to do, including movement to extraction points where they can be gathered up by special operations teams. America's NATO allies UK, France and Germany are now planning or have already launched daring rescue missions to extract their civilians trapped elsewhere in Kabul, but US President Joe Biden has seemed reluctant to expand operations.

Mary-Ellen McGroarty, the UN's World Food Programme's country director for Afghanistan, said 'an already horrendous situation is just going to become an absolute catastrophe'.

Pentagon reveals only 2,500 US citizens out of 15,000 have been evacuated since Kabul fell a week ago: Biden puts commercial airlines on notice that the Civil Reserve Air Fleet could be activated to help get them out?

As the evacuation of Kabul descends further into pandemonium and desperation, President Joe Biden is considering activating the Civil Reserve Air Fleet to augment the struggling effort. The Pentagon said Saturday the United States has evacuated just 17,000 people, including 2,500 Americans, from Kabul in the past week, including 3,800 in the past day. Commercial airlines were notified Friday night that participants in the voluntary Civil Reserve Air Fleet could be activated imminently, industry officials told the Wall Street Journal .

Harris plans to?meet with US sailors aboard the USS Tulsa in a visit to Changi Naval Base on Monday, making her the highest ranking official to address troops in person as the Afghan debacle continues.

Afghans?trying to flee to escape the Taliban will have to make their own way to the borders if the US do not delay the date for leaving the country, says Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Last Sunday, with the Taliban advancing on Kabul, Mr Biden was relaxing at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, seemingly blasé to the global implications.

The U.S. State Department was recently hit by a cyber attack, and notifications of a possible serious breach were made by the Department of Defense Cyber Command.

Kabul evacuation: Afghan woman gives birth on US C-17 Globemaster

US Air Mobility Command said in a statement on Saturday that the woman went into labor during a flight to Ramstein Air Base in Germany from an undisclosed Middle Eastern staging base. The mother began to have complications, and the pilot descended to a lower altitude?to increase air pressure in the aircraft, which Mobility Command credited with saving her life. 'Upon landing, Airmen from the 86th MDG came aboard and delivered the child in the cargo bay of the aircraft,' the statement said.

Taliban soldiers MOCK iconic World War II image of American Marines raising flag on Iwo

A group of Taliban fighters released propaganda footage and a photo mocking the famed World War II picture of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima. In the original 1945 photograph, a group of six Marines are depicted hosting the flag on Mount Suribachi. The Taliban's Badri 313 Battalion recreated the image this week.?In their version, a group of soldiers is seen hoisting the Taliban flag in a similar fashion while sporting U.S. weapons and gear that was likely stolen from allied militaries during patrols of Kabul.?The Badri 313 is a special unit of Taliban fighters that dress like U.S. soldiers by wearing camouflage, combat boots and body armor. The special operations unit also drives armored Humvees and carries M4 carbines.?U.S. officials say the Badri have seized what remains of the approximately $28billion in weaponry that America gave the Afghan forces between 2002 and 2017.?'Everything that hasn't been destroyed is the Taliban's now,' one official told Reuters on the basis of anonymity.

Britain is tied to America's cut-off date of August 31 for the end of evacuation flights, which was agreed without consultation, meaning the UK will have to stop flights within days.

Americans are taking a notably less positive view of President Joe Biden's handling of the coronavirus pandemic as his job approval rating drops, according to a new poll.

Ten people are killed in Tennessee flash floods, including twin toddlers swept away from their father: More than 30 are missing?

Tennessee officials have confirmed ten people were dead and more than 30 were missing as heavy flooding hit parts of Tennessee on Saturday, a sheriff's official said. The catastrophic flooding washed away homes and rural roads, leaving 10 dead and more than 30 people missing, Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said.

Don Everly of the iconic rock 'n' roll duo the Everly Brothers has died at the age of 84 at his home in Nashville. The singer's family told the Los Angeles Times through a spokesperson.

Ahead of US intelligence experts finalising a report demanded by Biden into the pandemic's cause, Beijing officials demanded that Washington opens for public scrutiny a US military lab in Maryland.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been slammed on social media for dancing backstage at the We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert in Central Park on Saturday. Critics voiced their outrage that Schumer would dare to dance while thousands of Americans and Afghans who helped the United States remain in Afghanistan. Others noted that the concert was held despite the oncoming Hurricane Henri, which is expected to hit either Long Island or New England on Sunday. Meanwhile, some critics slammed New York officials like Mayor Bill de Blasio for holding the concert while the Delta variant of COVID-19 wreaks havoc on America.

A Jacksonville, Florida mother Lisa Brandon is encouraging others to get vaccinated after her two sons die of coronavirus only 12 hours apart. Brandon, who also contracted the virus, credits her Moderna vaccine for her mild case, and believes her sons would be 'alive today' if they had gotten one. Since becoming an empty nester, Brandon hopes others learn from her tragedy.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 survivors who have been left with severe lung damage could benefit from the work of a team at Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital, in London.

Conservative radio host Phil Valentine dies of COVID at 61

Phil Valentine's death following a month-long hospitalization was confirmed by Nashville radio station SuperTalk 99.7 WTN in a tweet on Saturday. Valentine had been a skeptic of coronavirus vaccines. After Valentine was moved into a critical care unit, Mark Valentine said his brother regretted that 'he wasn't a more vocal advocate of the vaccination.'

The University of Virginia disenrolled 238 students on Friday for not complying with the school's coronavirus vaccination requirement. 96.6 percent of the student is vaccinated.

The medicine, pirfenidone, was originally developed to treat breathing problems caused by a scar tissue build-up inside the lungs - known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Sha'Carri Richardson placed last in the 100 meters?at the Nike Prefontaine Classic at the University of Oregon on Saturday in her first race since returning from her marijuana ban. After the race, Richardson launched into a profane interview with NBC in which she said critics could count her out if they want to but she's 'here to stay' a world-renowned track athlete. 'This is one race. I'm not done. You know what I'm capable of. Count me out if you want to. Talk all the s**t you want. Because I'm here to stay. I'm not done. I'm the sixth fastest woman in this game ever. Can't nobody ever take that from me,' she said. Richardson, 21, finished in last place in the 100-meter dash in her return to the track? after she was suspended for 30 days for testing positive for a substance found in marijuana, which forced her to miss the Olympics.

Pornstar Peter North's estranged wife claims he 'beat her at least 11 times in years and

Nadia North accused her estranged husband and pornstar Peter North of assaulting her at least 11 times in two years and raping her. She's filed for divorce from him. Peter - whose real name is Alden Joseph Brown - has been has been in porn since 1983 and appeared in thousands of XXX films. He was arrested twice in June 2019 (inset) in connection with domestic violence. Nadia alleges she suffered suffered broken ribs, multiple bruises all over her body, a head contusion, a spinal injury and at least five concussions (right) during the alleged assaults.

The cops and the FBI have lifted their intensive search on Capitol 'bomber' Floyd Ray Roseberry on Friday night. Investigators spent two days combing through his belongings.

Larry Elder is facing the fire after a decades-old clip of him using the N-word resurfaces. He was apparently impersonating O.J. Simpson's defense attorney in the mid-1990s comedy sketch.

Deaths of husband, wife and baby are being treated as a homicide

Police in?Mariposa County have announced that they are treating the mysterious deaths of a family found dead on a California hiking trail as a homicide after initially treating the scene as a hazmat situation. Software developer Jonathan Gerrish, 45, his wife Ellen Chung and their one-year-old daughter Muji were found by search teams on Tuesday, along with the family dog, in area of the Sierra National Forest known as Devil's Gulch on Tuesday. County Sheriff Jeremy Briese said: 'I've been here for 20 years, and I've never seen a death-related case like this.'

Two women are found shot dead four days after going missing while camping in Utah

Married couple Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck were camping in the mountains of Moab, Utah, about a week ago when they reportedly vanished. Two bodies were discovered Wednesday night near the South Mesa area of La Sal Loop Road and police identified them as the missing women Thursday evening. The bodies were transferred to the state medical examiner's office.?The Grand County Sheriff's Office believes it was a murder and is now looking for the killer.

'Suitcase Killer' Heather Mack is fearful for her daughter, Stella, as she nears her early release from prison in Bali. Mack was jailed for her mother's murder in 2014.

Britney Spears' housekeeper feared her dogs might be on the verge of death when took them away to a veterinarian, sources told TMZ on Saturday.

Queen 'orders senior Palace aides to 'lawyer up' and plan legal fightback against Harry

Sources say the 'exasperated' Queen, 95, has told palace officials to 'lawyer up' with libel?experts after 'repeated attacks' on the Royal Family from the US-based Sussexes. It comes after Harry, 36, and wife Meghan Markle, 40, said in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey that an unnamed royal had raised concerns over their son Archie's skin colour before his birth. Days later Buckingham Palace released a statement saying 'recollections may vary' in response to allegations. But the row was reignited this week after it was revealed in a new chapter of their biography Finding Freedom that a source had accused the royals of 'failing to own' their part in the fallout. Now sources close to the Queen have told the Sun that the feeling 'coming right from the top' is that 'enough is enough'.

Long-time friends such as Meghan Markle's make-up artist Daniel Martin sent effusive, gushing messages, yet Canadian fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney remained silent. In public, at least.

Moment a Phoenix homeowner opens fire at four armed robbers who kick his door down

A wild moment was?captured on a Phoenix homeowner's security camera after he bravely greeted four armed robbers who kicked his door in with a barrage of bullets. None of the four appeared to have sustained any serious injuries, as the gunfire caused them to immediately flee the scene, the Phoenix Department said according to Fox News. The incident occurred just before 4:00 am on August 12, when the unnamed homeowner's home security system caught four men on video, as they exit a gray sedan and approach the residence. The doorbell camera footage then shows two of the men, who have their faces covered with bandanas, as they make their way to the front doorstep.

Academics tried recreating the experiments in the study, only to find that there was no reduction in cheating and lying and that the main experiment was faked 'beyond any shadow of a doubt.'

The lead lawyer for Scarlett Johansson, 36, lashed out at Disney's 'misogynistic attack' against the actress and fired back at the company's moves to send her lawsuit to arbitration.


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The Charlene and Albert love story continues! Monaco's royal palace releases ANOTHER video showcasing the couple's life as she remains in South Africa due to 'infection'

The royal palace of Monaco has released another video on Instagram showcasing the way Prince Albert, 63 and Princess Charlene, 43, cared for their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, six (pictured). It comes as Charlene, who is undergoing operations in South Africa following a ear and throat infection, has not been seen in Monaco since January.

Grief is universally acknowledged as one of the most difficult emotions humans ever have to face. So why don't we treat the deaths of beloved companion animals as seriously?

A 'mass-produced' rejection letter?was emailed to the men by Australian officials to inform them they were 'not eligible for certification' under the At Risk Afghan Employees Visa Scheme.

Megaship Ever Given passes back through the Suez Canal without any issues

Ever Given got lodged in the Egyptian canal on March 23 and caused a six-day rescue operation that ended in one person's death, a sunk rescue boat and?48 ships having to find alternative routes. The Suez Canal Authority has announced that the ship has now successfully made its passage back through among other vessels coming from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It had been offloading its 18,300 cargo containers to Rotterdam, Felixstowe and Hamburg and is now on its way to China after being impounded for three months while its owners organised a compensation deal with Egypt. The 1,312-foot ship, which carries cargo between Asia and Europe, was held in Ismalia for more than three months amid a financial dispute over compensation. After an agreement was met between the ship's Japanese owner, Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd, and canal authorities it was freed to continue its voyage in July.

His recording label, Big Loud, reportedly issued the song?- which opens his massively successful album?Dangerous: The Double Album?- to hit radio airwaves, according to Billboard .

Husband is shot and injured by wife's lover who was secretly LIVING in his home for more

Frank Reeves got into a shootout with a man he thought was an intruder but was actually his wife's boyfriend, Michael Amacker (top right). He had been living in the house for more than a year and Frank never had a clue. Frank's wife Tracy (bottom right) had been delivering food to Amacker and he urinated in bottles to stay hidden. According to investigators Tracy and Amacker were high on methamphetamine when the shootout happened. Frank was shot in the chest and Amacker was shot in the leg and elbow. Amacker was charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm with an altered serial number and possession of a controlled substance. No bond was listed in the jail records.

A Brooklyn man in his 40s fell to his death at Citi Field Friday night while attempting to flip on the fifth-floor balcony during intermission at the Dead & Company show.

How Nicole Kidman foiled the ageists who wanted 54-year-old star on the Hollywood

She's long been the toast of Hollywood, starring in a string of box-office hits and some of the most talked-about TV series for years. But despite her career going from strength to strength, American-born Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman reveals today how she had to take on ageist studio executives who wanted to throw her on the scrapheap - in her 40s. In an interview with The Mail on Sunday's You magazine, Nicole, 54, tells how she was eventually forced to set up her own production company to make the kind of films women want to see and that she could also star in.

A tricky new brainteaser, created by UK-based FootActive, challenges puzzlers to spot two shoes among the busy beach scene. But can you beat the 1 minute 20-second record?



Bee-FF! Teenager who rescued a bumblebee adopts it as a pet and reveals it sleeps next to her and even follows her to the shops

Lacey Shillinglaw, 13, from Coventry, spotted the large bumblebee lying in the road while walking her dog two weeks ago. She scooped up the bee, named Betty, noticing it had a crumpled wing, and tried to put it in a safer spot, on some flowers in a nearby park. But the bee didn't want to leave, and now follows Lucy everywhere. The pair even share snacks including jammy dodgers, with Betty eating the middle while Lacey nibbles at the edges.

Moment unhinged passenger pushes 70-year-old man off New York City bus leaving him with a broken hip?

The NYPD is hunting for a thug who brutally pushed a 70-year-old man off a bus, causing him to break his hip.?The elderly man was getting on an MTA bus in the Bronx borough around 8.30pm on July 8 when the man was pushed off the steps, newly released video footage showed.? The surveillance footage shows the elderly man climbing the stairs as a man in a white tank top yelled at the bus driver. He appears to be telling the bus driver to 'go.'???


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Now that's a hole in one! Masters champ Hideki Matsuyama hits wayward ball straight into stunned fan's SHIRT

A fan had a surreal moment when Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama, 29, landed a ball up his shirt at The National Trust tournament in New Jersey on Friday. The pro-golfer was nothing but smiles and even signed the ball for the fan before continuing with his game. He ended the round with a score of -5 and is tied for 25th place.

Also known as a 'curtain reveal top', the pin top? looks like a small cropped cardigan with a string tie or safety pin keeping it together has been spotted on LA-based celebs and Love Island stars.

Heart-stopping moment car flips over interstate barrier and goes airborne before smashing into a Wendy's and narrowly missing family dining outside

In a shocking moment caught on video, a car went airborne, hitting another vehicle before flying into a nearby Wendy's - narrowly missing a family sitting at outside tables. The crash, which occurred in South Brunswick, New Jersey, was during the lunchtime rush at 1 pm August 16, with the fast-food joint packed with customers both inside and outside. The Toyota Corolla was southbound on Route 130 near Melrich Road, when it hit a berm in front of a Wendy's. Surveillance video captured the Corolla rocketing over the parking lot before?striking a 2017 Audi waiting in the drive-thru lane. The footage then cuts to a different angle above the restaurant's outdoor dining area, where a family was nearly struck while eating.



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